Scott and Karen Bohnert

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Scott and Karen Bohnert

East Moline, IL


Trading the West Coast for the Midwest

I was born and raised on a family dairy farm in Bend, Oregon, where my parents milked 100 Holstein cows. After graduating college, I moved east to take a job, which led me to eventually meet my husband, Scott. Our farm, Bohnert Jerseys, began small and simple in 1984 with a couple of Jersey heifers but has grown to 500 registered Jersey cows and 1,300 acres of cropland.

Growing the milk business

The dairy grew quickly from hobby to business, thanks to the family's willingness to add progressive tools to their dairy management. In 1989 the herd grew to 10 cows milked by machine, but the milk was still carried in individual buckets to a bulk tank. Along the way, the family added new milking parlors and large free-stall barns. These investments really laid the foundation for our family farm and have allowed us to continue doing what we love.

Endless Opportunities

Each day I get to watch my husband lead a purpose-driven, passionate life. He loves his Jersey cows and his farm with all his heart. Our children have the opportunity to work on our farm next to family. They also have the opportunity to own cattle and show them at fairs. The opportunity to witness miracles of newborn calves, bountiful harvests and watch a family business thrive. Yes, farm life can be challenging at times. But the rewards outweigh those challenges by leaps and bounds.

About my family

We team up with Scott's parents and brother to make up the Bohnert Jerseys, a nationally recognized Jersey herd located in East Moline, Illinois. In addition to milking 500 Jersey cows, we also grow corn, soybeans, wheat and rye. We have three children: Tyler, Cassie and Jacob.

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