Ron and Deb Moore

soybeans • corn • cattle

Ron and Deb Moore

Roseville, IL


Farming cultivates more than just crops

We have three sons: Steve, and twins, Mike and Brian. All three work off the farm, but we're glad we had the opportunity to raise them on the farm, an environment that instills rural values and a strong work ethic. As for me and Ron, we get to grow and raise food for others while being our own boss. That's a pretty great responsibility to have. 

Cook County kid to Warren County farm wife

When I was a child, my only connection to farming was a corn field behind my school. In high school I went with a friend to borrow a hay rack for the homecoming parade. That was the sum of my farming experience – until I met my husband, Ron.

Like most people, I never gave much thought about where my food came from until I started farming. Maybe that's why it's been easy for me to understand how, over the years, farmers and consumers have grown further apart – and why I feel so compelled to change that.

Opting for life on the farm

Ron realized during his senior year of college that he'd rather be a farmer and work outside producing food for people to eat than work in an office every day. He also wanted to work with his dad and brothers on the family farm. We've been doing exactly that for more than 30 years.

We raise corn and soybeans on 1,000 acres in Warren County. We also have 250 acres of pasture and a cattle building that we use for our feeder cattle (cattle typically between the ages of 1 and 2 years old).

About my family

Ron and Deb grow corn and soybeans and raise feeder cattle with Ron's family in Roseville, located in the far western part of Illinois. They have three sons: Steve, and twins, Mike and Brian.