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Pilar Clark

About me

I'm a long-time writer and social media strategist and work-at-home mom who understands the need for balance and the difficulty of achieving it in everyday life. Seeing my children thrive and grow is like basking in sunshine. We're a relatively traditional suburban clan, made up of two parents and two children, a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. Our family likes to spend time at the local zoos and museums and the beach during the summer, and we look forward to taking our children abroad when they're older to explore their multicultural roots.

Why I'm touring farms

I often wonder who cultivates and raises the foods found in our fridge. What kind of farms does our food come from? What kinds of fertilizers, pest control and hormones are used? Who are the people involved and what are their own family food traditions? Knowing how things go from farm to fridge and hearing from the folks who are deeply vested in their farming traditions would be amazing.

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