Phil Borgic

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Phil Borgic

Nokomis, IL


Decades of Farming

I started raising pigs with my dad 50 years ago, and every day since then I’ve been looking to improve our practices to keep our farm innovative and up-to-date. When Dad was raising pigs, the animals were outside all the time. The weather in Illinois is quite unpredictable, so we started housing the pigs inside to keep them more comfortable. Now we don’t have to worry about snow in the winter and sunburns (yes, pigs can get a sunburn!) in the summer.

It Takes A Village

Providing individual care for more than 6,000 momma sows and their piglets is a big job; that’s why I have a whole team of people who help run my farm on a day-to-day basis. Each person is in charge of a different aspect of the farm and animals, which allows us to provide the best care we can to each of our pigs.

Putting the Pigs First

It’s our responsibility to provide the best care to our animals — this is something we take very seriously. My employees and I complete numerous training programs to stay continually educated on recommended pig care. We also follow industry updates from the National Pork Board to make sure we’re aware of any new recommendations or best practices. Our end goal is to provide safe, healthy pork to consumers.

About my family

My wife, Karen, and I have been married for more than 30 years. We farm with our three children: Mike, Kevin, and Michelle in Nokomis, Illinois.

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