Michael and Sara Prescott

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Michael and Sara Prescott

Sherman, IL


From 4-H to the farm

Michael and I met showing livestock in 4-H when we were 13 years old. I grew up with show livestock while Michael grew up on an Angus farm and is the third generation to raise Angus cattle. Today, we raise more than 100 mama beef cows that have a calf every year. We care for the calves until they are ready to be weaned from their mother's milk and eat a more grain-based diet for added nutrition – just like babies are transitioned from milk to baby food.
Our kids are involved from the time a calf is born to the day it's shipped off to be fed out. We feel extremely blessed to be raising our children with the same values and traditions we grew up with.

Questions are good

Sharing our beef story is a real passion for us, and now our children also want to talk with others about their cows and their involvement on the farm. We believe the more we teach our kids and the more questions our kids ask, the better understanding they're going to have in years to come. The same goes for you. Ask us questions about what happens on a farm. We're happy to share our story with you.

The succession of our story

By being raised on a farm and with livestock, we hope our children can take away as many skills and values as we've built throughout the years. We want them to:
  • Develop a good work ethic
  • Be responsible for the choices they make 
  • Have great respect for our industry as a whole
  • Achieve a sense of pride in the work they contribute to our farm
Our family farm history means the world to us, and the ability to grow and involve our children in the succession of that story is what being a member of a family farm is truly about. 

About my family

We have a herd of more than 100 mama cows on our farm, Prescott Angus & Simmental, in Lincoln. Our three kids, Madison, Emma and Carter, are involved from the time a calf is born to the day it's shipped off to be fed out.

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