Matt Boucher

corn • soybeans • cover crops

Matt Boucher

Dwight, IL


Farming Philosophy

We are the proud owners and operators of our relatively small 4th generation family farm located in North Central Illinois. We grow corn, soybeans, wheat and cover crops. While the history of Boucher Farms goes back generations, the main goal of our farm hasn’t changed: To make a honest living off the land in a sustainable manner, while caring for the environment to ensure a great future for generations to come.

Seriously Sustainable

We want to be sustainable on our farm. It’s a simple statement, but it means a lot for me and my family. If my three children choose to take over the farm, I want to hand it over knowing it’s in better shape than when I got it. As a farmer, I try to make the most of what we have without asking the ground to do more than what it’s capable of. By using the tools available to me, I’m able to protect the ground while growing more with less.

Growing More Than Crops

We have grown our family business by adding a division of our farm called Potential Ag. Through Potential Ag, we strive to provide other local farmers with quality seeds, cover crop information, precision planting equipment, agricultural drones and more to help them be successful on their farms.

About my family

Heather and I are proud parents to three of God’s greatest gifts, and we thank Him every day for the joy they bring into our lives. Outside of farming, we like to go camping, go to movies, stay involved in our small town (as we encourage everyone to do), as well as other local committees and groups.

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