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Justin Durdan

Streator, IL


Times Are Changing

Farming has changed a lot since my great-great-grandfather started farming this land more than 100 years ago. Farm equipment like our tractors and combines are much bigger and smarter, but even though the way we farm looks very different today, our goal has always been the same: take care of the land today so it can be enjoyed tomorrow. My goal is always to responsibly grow a successful crop today while protecting the land, water and air for future generations.

Farming Isn’t All Outside

My dad and I operate a family farm near Streator, Illinois. We primarily grow corn with some soybeans. Most days you can find me in the office, executing the day-to-day tasks in accounting, human resources, and logistics. As the younger generation, I am also responsible for keeping the farm up-to-date with the latest technology.

A Farmer and A Techie

Some might say I’m a tech-geek, but all of the data I can collect and analyze makes me a better farmer. It allows me to go into the next growing season with a data-driven game plan that helps me minimize my impact on the environment. I’m not sure what great-great-granddad would make of all this technology, but in the end our motivations are the same — a love of this life we call farming and the satisfaction of seeing a crop grow from planting to harvest for a job well done.

Take a 360° Tour of My Farm

Curious about how corn is grown? Come along as I give you a 360° tour of the land that has provided for a family of farmers spanning five generations, including me, my wife and three children. Watch as I take WGN Radio Host Patti Vasquez on a tour through the seasons of planting, growing and harvesting corn! You’ll see the challenges we face, solutions that technology offers and ultimately the fruits of our labor that will transform into food, feed and fuel used throughout the state, across the country and around the globe.

360° Farm Tour

Live from my farm

About my family

My wife Rachel and I live in Utica with our three children: Ella, Ian and Phoebe. I farm with my dad in Streator.

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