John and Kate Hagenbuch

pigs • corn • soybeans

John and Kate Hagenbuch

Utica, IL


Seeing them grow

We enjoy seeing our animals and plants grow. Pigs grow up much faster than most people know, and it's amazing to see what they do when they're cared for and given protection from the elements.

A full family effort

Our family raises about 20,000 pigs each year. Half are kept to be the next generation of sows (momma pigs), while the other half are raised to market weight for places like Tyson. We also grow corn and soybeans.

The home farm is shared with John's parents. As a multigenerational farm family, everyone has a part in helping at every level.

The next four generations

Even though I moved from the suburbs of Chicago to a rural area when I was young, my first farm experience didn't come until I met my husband, John. As for our three kids, farming comes naturally. Our son could ride for hours in the tractor with John, and the girls feel right at home in the barn with the pigs. As they grow, so does their compassion and respect for their land and animals.

Our kids are the fourth generation on this farm, and we want to see the next four generations here, too. Because of that, we feel strongly about safeguarding our environment and protecting the land. We live where we farm, and we want you to know we share the same food, air and water as you.

About my family

We raise about 20,000 pigs annually with the help of our families and grow corn and soybeans in Utica, Illinois. We have three children: a son who could ride for hours in the tractor with John and two girls who feel right at home in the pig barns.