Grant Noland

corn • soybeans

Grant Noland

Blue Mound, IL


Faith, Family and Farming

In 1833, our family began farming in Macon County. As the 8th generation to farm this land, I strive to do the best job I can through integrity and adoption of progressive farming practices. Each new growing season brings with it high expectations and tremendous promise. I enjoy introducing my kids to nature and the things I got to experience growing up. Mother Nature is a farmer’s best friend, worst enemy, and a constant topic of dinner table discussion.

Progressive Farming

Our tractors are outfitted with auto-steer; this is a similar concept to “auto-pilot” in airplanes. As input prices such as seed and fertilizer have increased, we have focused on a “less is more” approach when using these products. While central Illinois is blessed with highly-productive soil, each acre can differ in available nutrients and fertilizer needs. We work with a crop consultant who writes a “planting prescription” for each acre on our farm. Technology then allows us to vary the amount of fertilizer applied and seeds planted per acre, which means each acre of each farm gets exactly what it needs.

A Focus on Community Service

We consider community service to be an important aspect of our family and farm. We offer an Agriculture Scholarship through our local high school, serve on numerous boards, and welcome people from near and far to our farm to learn about where their food originates.

About my family

I grow corn and soybeans with my dad, uncle and brother in central Illinois. My wife Logan and I live in Decatur, IL with our three children Hudson, Elizabeth and Harrison. Together, we enjoy spending time outdoors and serving in our church.