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Growing up on the near north side of Chicago, I imagined farms as far-off mythical places of no relevance to me. Now I've come to realize that agriculture is a necessary part of our economic landscape. Two of my children are homeschoolers, which means lots of hands-on learning and field trips. Some of my favorites include wildlife restoration days at our local forest preserve and visiting Chicago museums.

Why I'm touring farms

I want to help others experience the relevance of farming in their daily lives. Some of us only get to see the farm as the product of its work, so I really want to understand more about what life is like for farm families, and how alike or different we might be.

My Blog Posts

Learning a Farmer's Language
What do food labels really tell us?
Where does your milk come from? Is it really local?
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    "When I had a chance to talk to farmers about chemicals - I came away with a better understanding."
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When I had a chance to talk with farmers about how chemicals are used, I came away with a better understanding – less fear about my food:

  • Both conventional and organic farmers may use chemicals to get the highest yield possible.
  • Farmers are required to attend trainings and be certified to apply any chemical.
  • GPS technology allows farmers to spray precisely, where needed, depending on weed levels.
  • 95% of what they spray is water.