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Farrah Brown

About me

I'm a part-time nurse, so it's challenging to cook every night. I've made some big changes in the way my family eats over the past year, starting us on a journey toward healthier eating and ridding our diets of unnecessary preservatives
and additives. We have two sons, age 5 and age 3. We love to ride our bikes to the park and enjoy time outdoors. We love reading and doing crafts together. I love to take my boys on adventures – finding a new spot every week to explore and have fun and broaden their horizons.

Why I'm touring farms

It's becoming increasingly important to me to know exactly where my food is coming from, and be able to trust that it's safe and healthy. Fresh meat and produce from trusted sources has become one of my obsessions. I would love to be able to see the farms firsthand, and learn about the processes involved in growing the food I feed my family.

My Blog Posts

Mindful Growers, Mindful Eaters