Chris and Dana Gould

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Chris and Dana Gould

Maple Park, IL


Our wish as a farmer

We want your family to feel safe about where food comes from. We work tirelessly to achieve this and our greatest reward is being able to see the fruits of our labors, in cooperation with God's providence, at the end of the day.

Kids will be kids

Our children, Kelsey, Vanessa and Andrew, talk to strangers. They tell them their pigs are happy, healthy and well-cared for. It might seem like an odd conversation to have with a stranger, but it's a conversation we're proud of because you can hear the passion they each have for the farm.

It's a family matter

My father, Eldon, and grandfather, Don, started Gould Farm in 1964. What began as a 160-acre farm has grown to 2,700 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat. We also specialize in the part of the pork-raising process focused on breeding, gestation (pregnancy) and farrowing (birthing) piglets. This means:

  • We have 700 sows (mother pigs) that we breed and take care of year-round as they carry piglets to birth.
  • About 16,000 piglets pass through our barn each year, and we enjoy every minute. 

It's rewarding to have our family continue to farm together, and we are making room for the next generation to join us. Eldon focuses mostly on pigs, while I focus on the crops. My mother, Sandy, and wife, Dana, both came from urban backgrounds. They fell in love with the farm and have been integral to its management.

It starts with care

We want consumers to see the TLC we give to our animals and land, because if you respect the land, we believe it will take care of you. We take great effort in protecting our farmland through responsible use of necessary chemicals and erosion prevention. All our pigs stay warm, dry, and are well-fed and watered. It's simple: We care for our animals because it's the right thing to do.

About my family

Located exactly 50 miles west of The Loop and situated between St. Charles and DeKalb is our family-owned Gould Farm. Chris' father, Eldon, focuses on raising pigs, while Chris focuses on growing and harvesting corn, soybeans and wheat. The farm is a family effort, which is why we're making room on the farm for future generations.

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