Brett and Krista Swanson

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Brett and Krista Swanson

Oneida, IL


A Legacy in Farming

We farm because we want to continue a legacy that runs deep in both of our families and we want our children to grow up experiencing that first hand. While Brett’s passion for farming started in the early days of completing farm chores with his sister, experiences in FFA, college and graduate studies ultimately shaped my evolving career aspirations in agriculture.

Three Little Girls, One Happy Farm Family

As a young adult, I gained a deeper appreciation for being raised on a farm and knew I wanted the same life for the family I hoped to have one day. We are so thrilled that we now have three daughters who get to experience life in a farming family. The girls already love checking cattle, riding in the combine, taking lunches to the field and playing with cousins on the farm. It may be hard work, it may require long hours, it may present financial challenges, but the best thing about farming is that, as a family, we can work together through it all.

Our Biggest Responsibility

Our top priority, after raising three daughters, is to protect and nurture the land, some of which has been farmed by several generations of Brett’s family. It is our hope that our children and grandchildren carry the same passion for farming, so we need to ensure the most important resource – our soil – is still fertile and productive in the years to come.

The Food on our Tables

I’m a busy mom who shops at the same grocery stores as you do. I face the same challenges of selecting what food to buy, what meals to prepare, and ensuring my family is healthy and well fed. As farmers we take great pride in producing an abundant food supply that is safe and healthy; not only for our own family, but also for yours! I enjoy writing about what we do to help people like you understand how your food is grown, too. Follow along here

About my family

Brett and Krista are both the fifth generation in their families to farm. They farm with Brett’s parents and family and live on the farm near Oneida, Illinois, with their three daughters: Bianca, Karina and Susana.

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