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Betsie Estes

About me

I was raised in the Chicago area, and I'm back after spending eight years in Texas. I'm constantly trying to find new ways to cook things that will be appealing to preschoolers! We have two children, 4-year-old daughter, Sophie, and 3-year-old son, Daniel. We love to take bike rides, go fishing, travel, and enjoy everything this amazing area has to offer. My husband and I split the cooking duties. Some of our favorite meals are our weekend breakfasts – my biscuits and gravy are to die for!

Why I'm touring farms

I worry about the hormones and antibiotics in food and how those things will affect my children down the road. I also worry about the demise of the family farm and the livelihood of the people who work so hard to keep this country healthy, happy and well-fed. Family farms are such an important part of America's heritage, and they need to be revered and preserved. I think everyone should know how much work goes into getting food from the field to the table.

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