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Angie Runyan

About Me

My husband and I actively home-school our three children who are 13, 15 and 19 years old. Our children are very active in athletics and we enjoy encouraging them in all of their activities. We love sharing family meals together and being outdoors. I also enjoy gardening, photography, knitting and sewing when time allows.

Why I'm touring farms

Growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, I had many connections to farm families and I always dreamed of living on a farm. From following my grandmothers around in their garden and listening to the stories of their own farm lives and that of my mom's, to growing my own suburban vegetable garden, my interest in agriculture continues to grow. I decided to become a City Mom in order to increase my opportunities to learn about agricultural resources, get to know others with the same interests and meet the people producing our food. 

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Connected to the Land by the Food We Eat