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I recently moved from Texas to Illinois and became a stay-at-home mom. My husband and I like spending time with our boys doing the things they enjoy. We make an effort to broaden their world view by exposing them to many different activities. 

Why I'm touring farms

I am new to this area and want to make healthy food choices for my family. I know that this program will help me to see where my food comes from and make more informed food purchasing decisions.   

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Busting Myths on the Farm
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    "It's cool and hip to be non-GMO, but why?"
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GMOs and Information Snake Oil

I visited my local grocery store last weekend and was greeted by two ruddy-faced college-age young men handing out samples of a new brand of tomato. The one on the right proudly announced the tomatoes were organic and non-GMO. 

I replied, "That's right, they are non-GMO because there is no tomato that exists that IS GMO."

He replied, "I know some of the tomatoes down at the (other local grocery store) are definitely GMO."

I replied, "No, sorry, there are only 10 crops that have commercially available GMO seeds, and tomato isn't one of them. You can look it up! It's true!"*

The one on the left then said, "Huh, interesting."

I took a sample of the tasty tomato and bid them a good day to finish my grocery trip.

This interaction is indicative of a lot of the information on the Internet about our food - GMO, organic, gluten free, hormone free, antibiotic free - you name it - there are people selling "information snake oil" all over the place. And if it isn't snake oil, it's targeted packaged marketing. There are people like me who wish to be informed consumers who are misled, misguided and misinformed. And, we are TRYING to be informed! It's so confusing to be a consumer today! Or, in the case of my young gentlemen friends with the tomatoes, they haven't even bothered to inform themselves. It's cool and hip to be non-GMO these days, isn't it? But why? I, for one, don't get the backlash, especially after gaining even more knowledge from the source - a biotech research company.

GMO crops have been tested by national and international bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization and the European Academies Science Advisory Council. None of these bodies (and countless others) has ever found one ounce of data to support there is any reason to not eat a GMO food. But the marketers know if they slap a non-GMO label on something, people will buy it. It adds to consumer confusion, and the marketers don't care - as long as you're buying what they are selling. What are verifiable outcomes of GMO farming are things like resilience for changing climates with things like drought tolerant corn, creating more food on less soil to feed an ever-growing population and providing nourishing food in developing countries.

I've become passionate about not falling for food marketing, encouraging people to do their own research and check their sources and keep an open mind. I hope I can share my knowledge with other Moms for the greater good of our farmers and our families. 

*As of 2018, there are eleven GM crops approved commercially in the U.S.