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Aug 02 2011

Meeting Moms in Chicago

Deb Moore and sons
Being a self-employed farmer has many advantages. Living in the middle of a corn field or a soybean field with a beautiful sunrise and sunset is just one of the many benefits to living in rural Illinois.  Another benefit is that we set our own schedule.  This allows us to do many different things, making each day different.  This week, I was able to travel to Lincoln Park Zoo with three other farm women and had the opportunity to talk to consumers about Illinois Farm Families and about our farm.  Our three sons were also able to join us for the Illinois Farm Families day at Lincoln Park Zoo.

At home on the farm, we are battling the heat and dry weather along with everyone else in the state.  We are in an area that had too much rain in May and too little rain in July.  We did receive about 2.6 inches of rain last week, all in about 30 minutes.  That was about it for the rain for the month of July.  We are constantly checking our cattle to make sure they have enough water and shade.  We can only hope for cooler weather and some rain for the cattle and crops.

Next week, I will again have the opportunity to travel to Chicago to meet with young moms and talk to them about our farm and becoming a Field Mom.  On Monday, August 8th, I am sponsoring a Chicago Mom Meet up at Little Beans Cafe, 1809 W. Webster, Chicago at 7:00 PM.  Illinois Farm Families are looking for Field Moms, Chicago area moms over the age of 18 with at least one child under the age of 13 living at home.  (Applications are being accepted through August 21 and application information can be found at  I am excited about getting to meet young moms and find out what questions they have about what we do on our farm.  

While I am in Chicago, I will be able to visit my family.  My mom, sister, brother and two of my sons live in the Chicago area. We are able to travel between the farm in Warren County and my family in Cook County many times during the summer and winter. During the spring and fall, things are pretty busy on the farm and it is harder to get away from the farm during those seasons. During the fall, the Field Moms will be visiting our farm to see what we do during harvest. I am looking forward to having them come to the farm and show them what we do during a busy harvest day!

Deb Moore
Roseville, Ill.