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Jan 22 2013

Katie Pratt will Share Her Farm Story Across the Country

Great news for one of the Illinois Farm Families farm moms that you know!

Today, Katie Pratt was named one of the Faces of Farming and Ranching by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA). Katie, who is one of four Faces of Farming and Ranching and an Illinois Farm Families volunteer, will serve as a national spokesperson, sharing her farming experiences in an effort to help answer consumers’ questions about how food is grown and raised.

Katie says, “Here, we’re given an opportunity to be in front of people that otherwise we would not be able to. We can answer questions and listen to concerns and tell our stories about how we farm and why we make the decisions we make.”

Katie and her husband, Andy, are seventh-generation farmers who raise corn, soybeans and seed corn on Grand Prairie Farms in Dixon, Ill. They currently farm in a partnership with Andy’s family and have two children, Ethan and Natalie.

Katie is looking forward to having conversations with consumers and learning more about other facets of agriculture.

“I’m very interested to explore other types of agriculture,” Katie said. “There’s so much out there and to serve as a spokesman for agriculture you need to know those types of things. I hope that, as a group, we’re able to have respectful conversations and really learn a lot for each other.”
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