Family farms. Family Go Green. Go More jobs. More Plant seed. Grow corn.

Family farms. Family corn.

They're doing some pretty great things.

Farming sounds simple. It's not. Today's corn farmers are modern day MacGyvers.They're experts in everything, from crop rotation and soil health to SMART technology used to measure yields and apply fertilizers and pesticides only where they're needed.

Illinois farmers grow the best corn. (Don't tell Iowa.) They're proud of what they do and they're motivated to keep doing it so their kids and even their kids' kids can farm too.

Talk with some of our farmers. You'll hear about how they care for the land while preserving resources like clean water and air. Here'a one of their stories.

Featured Sustainability Story

Plant seed. grow corn.

Follow corn from planting to harvest in our 360 video series.


Good News, Illinois.

More jobs. more corn.

When we say Illinois runs on homegrown corn, we meant it. Farm families across Illinois grow a crop that fuels cars, feeds your families – and our families – and adds economic value back to our sales.

There are 76,000 farms in Illinois, 97% are family-owned and virtually all of them grow corn.

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Animals across Illinois – cows, pigs and chickens – all eat corn. And about 60,000 human Illinoisans all have jobs because of animal agriculture.

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Growing corn adds $17.5 billion to the state’s economy.

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