From our farms to your table, all food has a story.

About me

I have a degree in archaeology, I'm involved with my church, and I volunteer at school.

About my family

We have six children ranging from 15-years old to 2-years old. My family is into many sports:  hockey, baseball and basketball, etc. We enjoy movie nights on Fridays and barbeques on the weekends. Books are also big in our house.  Many of our kids are voracious readers.

Why I'm touring farms

I want to learn about farming life and the families who own and operate these farms – and teach my kids about the values we share. I find the whole idea of growing food or raising livestock to feed hundreds of people amazing. I don't think anyone who hasn't grown up on a farm actually has any idea of what goes on in their day-to-day lives – me included! It's easy to sit here in Naperville and go to the grocery store and not think about having to work for our food.

What I hope to see on the farms

I hope to visit a cattle or pig farm. I am most curious about the treatment of the animals. My view of animals is only of my pets that live indoors with my family. I don't know if I could separate my feelings for the animals enough to send them to market. It will be interesting to hear the farmer's take on it.