One of the best aspects of farming is taking both full responsibility and full pride in whatever happens in my fields.

About our family

We married in 1980 (which is how Deb, raised in suburban Chicago, became a farmer). We have three sons: Steve, and twins Mike and Brian.  Steve is a graduate of Butler University, and works and lives in Chicago. Mike is a graduate of Illinois State University and is working in Vernon Hills.  Brian graduated from St. Ambrose University and is  attending graduate school at West Virginia University.

About our food

We raise corn and soybeans on 1,000 acres in Warren County. We also have 250 acres of pasture and a cattle building that we use for our feeder cattle (cattle that are typically between the ages of one and two years old).

About our farm

Ron realized during his senior year in college that he’d rather be a farmer and work outside producing food for people to eat than work in an office every day. Ron also wanted the opportunity to work with his father and brothers on the family farm. We've been farming for more than 30 years.


Ron & Deb on...

Our farming philosophy

Leave the land in better condition than when we first started farming it by increasing productivity while using fewer natural resources. We’re only here for a short time and we must preserve our land for the farmers who will follow in our footsteps.

The best thing about being a farmer

We get to work with family, and we had the opportunity to raise our children with rural values and teach them a strong work ethic. We grow and raise food for others while being our own boss. As a bonus, we work with good people in agriculture.