One of the best aspects of farming is taking both full responsibility and full pride in whatever happens in my fields.

About our family

Missy is a middle school math teacher, and Nick owns and operates a seed sales agency in addition to farming. They both grew up as “farm kids” and wanted nothing more than to have the opportunity to raise their children on the farm as well. Nick and Missy now have three children, Kylie, 10; Cole, 8; and Colin, 6. All of their kids share this same passion for both farming and taking care of livestock. In addition to their love for agriculture, the kids also are involved in several sports as well as their local 4-H club.  

About our food

Nick and Missy grow corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. They also sell home-raised freezer beef to several local consumers. They take pride in trying to produce crops and beef of the best quality possible. Their kids have recently started growing pumpkins to sell for Halloween jack-o’-lanterns, which has become a very fun family project.

About our farm

The Meyer Saathoff Family Farm is located 45 miles south of Chicago near the Will/Kankakee County line. They crop farm in partnership with Missy’s parents, Ron and Lois Meyer.  Missy’s brother, Brian Meyer, is also involved in the livestock enterprise.    

Our farming philosophy

Our philosophy is to make the best use of the land that God has blessed us with and preserve it for future generations. This includes balancing land use between livestock and crops.  Also, we believe in adoption of conservation practices and nutrient management strategies in order to ensure that we are able to maintain the productivity of our land as well as minimize our environmental impact.  

The best part about being a farmer

Where do we begin? There are so many things that make being a farmer great. From witnessing new calves being born, to watching a corn crop go from seedling to maturity, it is awesome being able to witness nature’s miracles firsthand every day.