It's a passion for farmers to raise these animals with as much care as they would any animal.

About our family

We have three children: Jenna is 8, Nathan is 6, and Caroline is 3. They love living on the farm, mostly because of the space, the animals and the proximity to grandparents. John enjoys all things agricultural (beef cows and loyal farm dogs, in particular), he volunteers at our country church and has offered ag leadership in a variety of organizations. Holly is an associate editor for Prairie Farmer magazine, a publication dedicated to sharing information and technology for improving both farm life and farm business.

About our food

We grow about 2,000 acres of corn and soybeans, which we sell with forward contracts to capture the best prices. We deliver our crops to a river terminal, where grain is loaded onto a barge for delivery down the Mississippi River.

We also operate a 100-head cow-calf herd. After we wean calves in the fall, we "background" them, meaning, we feed them to about 900 pounds and then sell them into the feeder market.

About our farm

We farm in partnership with John's parents, Bruce and Sharon, and live just across the field from them. That, of course, allows our kids to make many trips back and forth in the course of the day. We have one full-time employee (a neighbor from down the road) and approximately three part-time employees. Among them are our two nephews, Matt and Ryan, who often work summertime helping with building fences and such. They put their earnings toward college.

John & Holly on...

Our farming philosophy

Our goal is to raise a healthy, nutritious crop in the most efficient and safest way possible. We want to contribute to the global food supply by growing the most grain and animal protein with the land and resources we have. And in doing so, we also want to create an environment and a lifestyle for our family that is safe, wholesome and will help them grow into their full God-given potential.

The best thing about being a farmer

Freedom. Freedom to make our own farming decisions, freedom to be our own bosses, freedom to raise our kids in the country where they're free to run and play and learn and work.