It's a passion for farmers to raise these animals with as much care as they would any animal.

About our family

We were always certain we’d be involved with agriculture. Being a farm kid, Joe wanted to raise our children with the opportunities that only farm kids have. As a “town kid," I figured, why not? Our children enjoy rural life, each in his or her own way, but all identify as “farm kids” whenever asked.

About our food

We grow corn and soybeans, but our main “food” aspect on the farm is cattle. We’re proud of the good quality beef we raise in a cow-calf operation, caring for calves from the time they’re born until they’re ready to start grazing.

About our farm

The grain operation is shared amongst my dad, uncle, grandpa and their neighbor/landlord. Joe also shares ownership of the cattle operation with our neighbor.

Our farming philosophy

We feel that it’s our responsibility to respect the land that has been entrusted to us. We try to implement the best innovations in technology to make our farming processes more efficient and effective to the land we live on. This responsibility will ultimately affect the way our kids grow up, in a positive way, giving them the opportunity to understand how the world works, grows and can be taken care of.

The best part about being a farmer

Realizing that we’re not in charge of anything, but knowing how to react is a lesson that’s hard to take, but in the long run is what life’s all about.