One of the best aspects of farming is taking both full responsibility and full pride in whatever happens in my fields.

About our family

I met my husband, Paul, at the University of Illinois when we were studying agriculture. Today, we farm together with my brother’s family. Our son, Stephen, is involved in the farm too, but he also has a full-time off-farm job. Stephen, our daughter-in-law Erin, and our two granddaughters live in the Lincoln Park area. Our families have been farmers for generations. My farming ancestors immigrated to Illinois from Germany in the 1840s. Paul’s family started farming in northwestern Illinois in the early 1900s. 

About our food

As a mom, a grandmother, a wife and a farmer, I am most concerned with feeding my family food that is healthy and nutritious. We are so fortunate to live in a country where food is abundant, safe and, compared to other nations, reasonably priced.

About our farm

Our farm is located near Mazon in Grundy County, about 75 miles southwest of Chicago. Our fertile soils grow corn and soybeans. Because of the location of our farm, some of the grain we grow is exported to feed families around the world. Watch our crops grow this season by following the Field Moms' Acre and Pen page

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Our farming philosophy

Farming is our lifestyle and our business. We work diligently to grow the crops that help put food on your family’s table.

The best thing about being a farmer

Nurturing the planted seeds throughout the growing season and then harvesting the mature grain in the fall . . . and getting to experience this together with my husband and our family!