One of the best aspects of farming is taking both full responsibility and full pride in whatever happens in my fields.

About our family

We have three children: Kelsey is 17, Vanessa is 13, and Andrew is 11.

About our food

We grow 2,700 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat, and care for 700 sows in our “sow center.” We specialize in the part of the pork production process that focuses on breeding, gestation (pregnancy), and farrowing (birthing) piglets.  The piglets stay with their mothers in the sow center until they’re done nursing and are ready for solid food. We use a boar to detect when the sows are interested in breeding again.

About our farm

Gould Farm is a family owned and operated grain and livestock farm located exactly 50 miles west of the Loop, and situated roughly between St. Charles and DeKalb.

We farm with Chris’ parents, Eldon and Sandy. Eldon focuses mostly on the hogs, while Chris focuses on the crops.  Dana helps in the office with bookkeeping. 

Chris and Eldon are also partners with Steve Pitstick in a custom-farming company called Precision Farm Partners, LLC, a farm machinery ownership company that shares machinery and labor.


Chris & Dana on...

Our farming philosophy

Operate our family farm in a way that provides for us and our employees; leaves the environment in better condition to be used by future generations; and makes us a good neighbor in our community.

The best thing about being a farmer

I truly enjoy the ability to see the fruits of our labors, in cooperation with God’s providence, at the end of the year, or even the end of the day.