Live Video from Local Farms

Kids and Cattle - Getting ready for the county fair

Live from a Local Pig Farm

Wheat Harvest at the Sanderson Farm
in Clare, IL

Friendly Calf Says Hello During a Tour of Drendel's Dairy Farm

Beef Farmer Alan Adams Talks Antibiotics

Beef Farmer Alan Adams Talks Hormones

Chicken Farmer Dave Thompson
Talks Feed and Compost

Corn Harvest at Boucher Farms in Dwight, IL

Corn Harvest at Durdan Farms in Streator, IL

Inside a Cage-Free Chicken Barn
at Pearl Valley Eggs

Inside a Cattle Barn
at the Adams Farm in Sandwich, IL

Inside a Pig Barn
at Dayton Farms in Sycamore, IL

Live from Mackinson Dairy Farm

Live from the McGrew Family Farm

More Corn Harvest
at Boucher Farms in Dwight, IL

Patti Vasquez and Justin
Live from Durdan Farms

Rotational Grazing

Using Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health

Virtual Tour of Egg Processing
at Pearl Valley Eggs

Virtual Tour of Yordy's Turkey Farm
in Morton, IL


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