It's a passion for farmers to raise these animals with as much care as they would any animal.


Experience how farmers grow a crop from start to finish with this digital soybean acre. As the growing season progresses, follow along with Carrie Winkelmann, a farmer from Tallula, Ill. During each unlocked stage learn about some of the decisions she has to make as she and her husband invest in their family business. Click on the pins to learn about the challenges and choices in farming, from seed selection to weather to pest management, and the impact they have on how food is grown.

We Filled the Bin!

We filled the feed bin - and it's all thanks to you! Three-thousand clicks and social media shares means $3,000 worth of pork that will be donated to Pork Power, a program that provides a source of quality protein to food banks in the Chicago area. And that number is still growing. As we top more than 3,400 clicks, we encourage you to keep sharing the City Moms' Acre story with friends and family because there's more of the story to be told. Fall is fast approaching, and soon we'll be learning about what harvest looks like on Illinois farms! 

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