It's a passion for farmers to raise these animals with as much care as they would any animal.


Whether you're here for the first time or back to check out another stage, welcome to The Acre! Throughout the year, we'll unlock different stages focused on food and farming such as:

  • What happens on farms during the winter
  • Animal care
  • GMOs
  • Sustainability
  • Getting food from the farm to the table 

You can explore these topics with local soybean farmers who work hard to care for their land and animals as they raise healthy food for your family and their own.

Let's Fill the Feed Bin

Share The Acre with your friends and family to help raise money for food depositories in the Chicago area. For each click on the infographic or share on Facebook or Twitter, one dollar's worth of ground pork will be donated to Pork Power - a program that provides a source of quality protein to local food banks. Watch the feed bin increase to the peak donation of $3,000. 

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