Want More Info? Ask a Farmer

Farm Resources

Farm Flavor (Grow, cook, eat, learn)
Grow your food knowledge along with your recipe collection

Food Dialogues
Learn about other farmers behind the food you eat

Illinois Farmers Markets
Learn about locally grown foods in Illinois, and find fresh produce near you

Food, Health and Nutrition Resources

Best Food Facts
Find food-related information from experts around the country who have done the research, checked their work and want to share the results

Food Facts for Consumers
Find a wide array of information from foodborne illnesses and nutritional facts to food allergies and trans fats

Food Handling Guidelines
Learn about foodborne illnesses and how to keep your food safe from bacteria

Healthy Eating for Families
Registered dietitian Jodie Shield shares tips, recipes and news on making healthy food choices for families

The Facts About GMOs
Learn more about genetically modified organisms and the technology behind them

USDA Guidelines on Nutrition
Find information on nutrition and tips for leading a healthier lifestyle

Teacher Resources

Ag in the Classroom
See how agriculture is taught in classrooms across the country

Illinois Ag in the Classroom
Learn fun and interesting ways to share the importance and wonders of farming with Illinois school children

My American Farm Educator Resources
Gain access to online games that make learning about agriculture fun for kids (classroom activities and lesson plans included)

Pod to Plate
Gain access to learning opportunities focused on soybeans and agriculture (lesson plans included)

Kids Activities

AITC Kids' Zone
Agricultural education made just for kids that includes science project ideas, farm and food facts and virtual tours

AITC Teen Scene
Agricultural education made just for teens. Explore careers in agriculture, science fair ideas and read what other teens have to say about ag in their state

My American Farm Game
Online games like Farmers Market Challenge and My Little Ag Me make learning about agriculture fun and interesting for kids

Urban Education Programs

All About 4-H
Learn more about 4-H and other urban programs in Illinois

University of Illinois Extension in Urban Illinois
Helpful information on everything from parenting to gardening