When did food get so complicated?

When did food get so complicated? Buzzwords like local, sustainable and responsibly raised are part of everyday conversations and greet us at the meat counter, the milk cooler, the cereal aisles and farmers markets. But what do they really mean?

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4 Farm Moms and the Labels They’re Not Buying

Farm moms have an insider’s view of how food is grown and raised. Get the scoop about which food labels they reach for and which ones they leave on the shelf.

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Local Food

Farmers markets aren't the only place to find locally grown...

The GMO Disconnect

You don’t have to buy into GMOs, but you shouldn’t...

Organic and Conventional

Organic and conventional are often looked at as black and white...

Label Lingo

Claims, labels and terms to master before navigating the aisle...

Animal Welfare

An uncompromising commitment to the animals we raise...


Protecting our food – and what that means for our...

Farmers of Illinois

Scott and Karen Bohnert

"We team up with Scott's parents to raise dairy cows and crops in East Moline, IL."

Tammy Wakely

"We raise dairy cattle and crops in northern Illinois."

Genny Six

"We have three children and raise pigs with Ben’s family in central Illinois."

Chris and Angie Eckert

"We run a country store and have orchards full of fruit trees!"

Grant Noland

"I grow corn and soybeans with my family in central, IL."

Joni Bucher

"I raise cattle with my sons."

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GMO labeling coming soon to a shelf near you

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Paying More for Scare Tactics

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